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Welcome VP Communications

The board is proud to announce the addition of Karen Bannister to the team. Karen is a true can-do woman with such a great perspective on communications. We are looking forward to having her produce monthly newsletters AND to be the editor of our Image Perspective magazine. Contact Karen with your news and events. Welcome Karen!!


Karen K. Bannister is the Founder/CEO of Karen K. Bannister International LLC, as an executive leadership, presence, and productivity expert and coach, image consultant, author, and speaker.

She utilizes and builds upon her coaching skills to develop and support a physical representation to reflect her client’s personality, inner strength and self-image; and as a speaker, she shares her insights and experiences to awaken your inner source of power.

She has taken her 25 years of corporate experience, funneled it into her passion, and found her purpose to help people realize their dreams and reach their full potential. She has spent her career supporting, advising and advancing members of the C-suite, and has always found a sense of joy and accomplishment in that work.

She was the first Fashion and Lifestyle Writer/Editor of the Orange County Business Journal, is the author of Close the Gap: 7 Transformational Steps to Move You From Today to Tomorrow (available on Amazon), and the host of her own podcast, Bannister Breakdown. Karen is a graduate of Fashion Stylist Institute as a Certified Image Consultant and holds a degree in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, from Southern New Hampshire University. In addition she studied interior design at the Interior Design Institute and is currently enrolled in the New York Institute of Art and Design.

She can be contacted at 714-944-0757 or

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