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  • How do I join the private portal on this site?
    To enter the private member portions of the site and to view forums, free resources, free webinars and more just click the LOG IN button in the upper right OR visit one of the private pages and an auto message will pop up asking you if you want to join. Note that you will need to be a member of AICI WEST first with your name listed on our member directory page on this site. IF your name is not on the list please contact us to review. After you have completed the application and submitted we approve on our end. THEN you come back here, sign in using the email and log in password you created. Click your headshot icon to set up your photo and profile. You can then adjust your privacy settings, add your bio, follow other consultants and gain access to resources. Please contact us at if you have any questions about the process.
  • I am a Member of AICI WEST. How do I ......
    WHAT DO YOU DO ..... IF YOU HAVE A CHAPTER EVENT TO PROMOTE Write your text to submit for approval then send to VP Communications to issue a Constant Contact email based on your event. Contact the VP of Marketing/Social Media to post to chapters social media sites YOU HAVE A PIECE OF BUSINESS NEWS TO SHARE Contact the VP of Communications if you want this info entered into the next newsletter Contact the VP of Marketing/Social Media to post online YOU KNOW OR MEET A PROSPECTIVE MEMBER Contact VP Membership YOU HAVE HAD A MEDIA MENTION/ PRESS ABOUT YOU You can submit the information to the VP of Marketing/Social Media Submit to Communications for inclusion in Newsletter YOU HAVE AN INTERESTING SOCIAL NETWORKING BLURB You can submit the information to the VP of Marketing/Social Media YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT IN THE NEWSLETTER Submit APPLICATION FOR ADVERTISING to President for approval Then submit to Communications for inclusion in Newsletter YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT IN THE NEWSLETTER At the local level submit application for advertising to President for approval Then submit to Communications for inclusion in Newsletter YOU WANT TO LIST AND PROMOTE A CHAPTER UPCOMING EVENT ON THE AICI WEBSITE All changes to the website go through Secretary. Submit the title of the event and a brief description. The secretary then sends monthly updates to the web administrator YOU WANT TO LIST AND PROMOTE YOUR UPCOMING EVENT ON THE AICI WEBSITE Submit dates and details along with links to the event to
  • How do I join the AICI WEST Chapter?
    Look for the tab "JOIN" and follow the links to our headquarters website - Choose your membership category and in the application you will be asked to identify a chaper to join. Just imput AICI WEST. Done! We look forward to having you with us.
  • What is an Image Consultant?
    An image consultant is a professional visual style editor who works with male and female clients to transform their personal style image, their visual brand image and their comportment. Image Consultants are skilled makeover technicians and help transform the visual look and personal confidence of their clientele using the tools of fashion, makeup, hairstyling, etiquette, non-verbal communication, personal styling and color analysis. Consultants are trained to provide services that enhance the appearance, behavior and communication abilities of their clients.
  • Do I need training to become an Image Consultant?
    Most certified consultants would say "yes" because they have been on both sides of the skill set, without training and then with training, and can say that once certified, their business and personal skills became professional and their business could grow. Here are the top reasons for training: Establishes you as a professional consultant. Distinguishes you in the image field. Adds credibility to your bio (CV). Moves you out of the amateur ranks and clients will note this. Grows your confidence as you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful image consultant dispensing professional advice.
  • What does my membership to the Chapter include?
    AICI WEST Chapter members receive additional benefits on top of their membership to AICI. Chapter members are social and meet regularly (even outside of Chapter events). The following list details the top perks of membership. For all benefits of joining AICI visit the link Access to Social Events Access to Education Events Free Webinars Discounted rates on Education Conferences Free resources, articles, eBooks Opportunities to serve in Board Positions and gain experience and points for further AICI certification Access to mentors and industry leaders Chat forums Membership listing on the Chapter website Opportunities to contribute to social media and blog posts Networking groups and online meetings to share expereinces and resources more....
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