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Meet Your 2015-2016 Co-VP Education Conference – Connie Bozant

Conniie Bozant (2)

Connie Bozant is the founder and owner of SEE Image Consulting & Boutique in Santa Clara, CA. She founded the company on the belief that no two people are the same but each is awesomely created with unique characteristics that make us who we are. Connie is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to believe in themselves and search for the beauty within and let it reflect on the outside. She uses her image, styling, and marketing expertise to help her clients refine their unique styles and present their best selves with less stress and more ease. Connie enjoys helping her clients discover the essence of who they are, their awesomeness, and position themselves for the best opportunity for success. Although her main focus is on helping women, Connie also works with male clients to help them build a wardrobe that depicts their best selves and create an opportunity for personal and professional success.

What you might not know about Connie:

Connie believes that while change could be difficult, if you embrace change, good opportunities could arise that would otherwise not be possible. Connie enjoys changing her look and expressing herself through her style. She also loves reading, having deep conversation, and finding beauty in the not so obvious.

How to contact Connie:

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