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November 2020 Chapter News

President's Message

-- Karen K. Bannister, CIC

Ah, November. The leaves have turned, the weather cooled (mostly - it was 80 here last week), and suddenly the holidays are upon us. And that means 2021 is just around the corner. Thank goodness. I don’t normally focus on the “end of the year” and just see it as an arbitrary marker. Why is January 1st any different from any other day of the year?

You can - and should - make changes, updates, or adjustments on your business or yourself at any time during the year, whenever you find the need. But as we all know, this year has been different. I think we’re all ready for at least a perception of a fresh start and a new beginning. Because so much has happened this year to throw me off balance (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling), I decided to give my strategic business plan a complete, major overhaul. I’m considering new approaches, new partnerships, new ideas and programs, and even confirmations of things that are working. I’m even starting to execute on some of it (I’ve learned to now wait until something is done and finalized to call “action!”), and doing this work has helped me not only cultivate but maintain a positive and growth mindset for the coming year.

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