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October 2020 Chapter News

President's Message

-- Karen K. Bannister, CIC

Greetings fellow Image Consultants, As I write this, I am still coming down from my weekend high, brought on by our 2020 Educational Conference. For two days, 28 consultants and 8 speakers gathered in a virtual setting to learn from and share with each other. Kicked off by our Happy Hour on Friday night, we enjoyed our signature cocktails, had a scavenger hunt, answered trivia questions, and held raffles. Before we knew it, 2 hours had flown by!

The next morning started our weekend adventure of Styling the Future, and although I know I can only truly speak for myself, each session provided new information and a-ha moments. I am in the middle of editing the sessions so those who registered but couldn’t attend can watch it all, but I suspect that even those of us who were there in person will be watching again. I know I will. But, as the popular saying goes…time moves forward! We already have our next monthly webinar scheduled for Friday, October 30th (you can find details later in the newsletter), and more are already far along in the planning stages. At the conference, attendees requested that our Chapter hold quarterly meetings/town halls with an educational/CEU’d guest speaker, and I think I committed us to it without conferring with the Board first (I don’t think they’ll mind, really!).

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