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Calling All Volunteers

Want to get to know your image professional colleagues better? Have you considered volunteering to serve on one of our committees? It’s really a great way to feel more connected to our community. Since we mostly work as solo-preneurs, staying connected with other like-minded professionals on a regular basis is so valuable. Plus, you’ll add value to the programs and events we bring throughout the year. Please consider volunteering to help on one of our upcoming events – you will be most welcome!

Upcoming Programs – contact Carrie LaShell or Carolyn Rovner, Co-VP’s Programs:

*November 19 Spring Trends DVD

*December 4 Holiday Tea

*We’ll have more programs scheduled in the Spring, if you don’t see something that works for you here.

Education Conference – contact Marjory DeRoeck or Carolyn Woodworth, Co-VP’s Education Conference:

*February 6-8, 2015

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