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Game-Changing Tips for Building Your Business

Who doesn’t want to grow their business? It’s hard in any event, but especially if you work as a solo entrepreneur, which many of us in the business do. You wonder if you’re doing all you can to grow your business, and if you’re doing it ‘right’.

Whether you’re launching an image career, or re-imagining your existing business model, it is a huge commitment of time, energy and money that requires the ability to wear many hats. Well, help is on the way!

The Chapter is hosting a webinar designed to offer image industry members the opportunity to learn from the success, and trials, of accomplished industry peers. The moderated webinar will feature a panel of industry leaders who will share what they’ve learned along the way as they built their uniquely successful businesses.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. PST $15 Members/$20 Non-Members

To learn more about our panelists, please click on their name below to be directed to their websites:

The panel will be moderated by Chapter Treasurer/VP Programs, Michelle Augenstein.

Michelle Augenstein (2)

We promise your hour will be well spent. For more information and to register, click the link below:

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