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AICI WEST is pleased to provide image and style tools for its consultants. This package of ten articles can be branded (add your byline, company, website) and used on your website, in blogs, giveaways to clients and even posted to your social media. You can edit freely and add your own images.


In this package you receive ten professionally written, royalty free articles that are specific to the image consulting profession. Upon purchase you receive a digital link to a ZIP folder containing the articles in Word doc. format.


Here are the articles and the word count for each:


Color – the Tool of Attraction  779 words

Ten Steps to Effortless Chic Dressing 960 words

Using Diagonal Lines in Fashion Design and Styling 571 words

How to Get the Most from Your Existing Wardrobe 681words

Makeup Tips for Photographs 625 words

Nip It – Cover Up Those Intimate Bits 440 words

Post College Career Dressing 371 words

Prepare Your Image for a Successful Interview 1268 words

The Impact of Color 789 words

What is a Power Suit? 1494 words


Note that a licensing agreement is included in the ZIP folder that details the limitations and permissions of use.

Need Content? Ten Article Package

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