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Two Hours Long


Recorded MP4 Downloadable Zip Folder contains the webinar presentation:


My Authentic Image in Front of the Camera

With Eva Koeck-Eripek, AICI CIM


Skype talk, Zoom meeting and more - in this time we have to speak in a new way to our clients, business partners, and employees and need the virtual world to connect. It is important to know how to present yourself on the screen. Do you send the right image to your counterpart?

Colors, Patterns and Backgrounds are significant in video sessions, as well as the body language, the sound, and the technic should be in harmony.

Attend this webinar to learn tips and tricks how to act professionally in front of the camera and on the screen from an expert in this field: Eva Koeck-Eripek, AICI CIM, who has had her own TV show since she was 18 years and holds webinars for companies worldwide.



  • My desired signal online
  • The ideal background
  • The best position of a person
  • Lights and sound
  • Body language and voice
  • Outfits and Styles for camera lense


Eva Köck-Eripek, AICI CIM is an image Consultant, Trainer and Speaker for over 31 years, and is CEO of Image Institut Austria and Image Product. Eva has trained more than 900 Image Consultants and works for successful people, celebrities and companies in Europe and internationally. She is an author, has her own TV Show, and is an AICI IMMIE Award Winner.


Technical Requirements:

In order to view the MP4 file upon donwload users must have a movie viewer installed on their device.


Zip Folder will open upon purchase. After download double click folder icon to extract file and begin viewing. 


Each order is tracked via email address and cannot be shared, copied, gifted, quoted from or in any other way used in violation of international copyright laws.

My Authentic Image in Front of the Camera Recorded Webinar

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