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Recorded MP4 Downloadable Zip Folder contains the webinar presentation: Every Body is Unique with Penny Raisor moderating and Imogen Lamport presenting. Attended by over 15 global consultants, there is a brief Q&A in the final five minutes.


Every body is unique. There may be 8 billion humans on the planet, but no two are exactly the same. As much as you may know the body shape rules you learned in your image training, you will find that each client has their own individual body variations which require tweaking to make it work for them.


In this 1 hour, content packed webinar you will learn how to personally tailor and tweak body type recommendations for each unique client and will discover how to:


  • Choose the ideal scale of jewellery to suit your client’s features
  • Understanding the impact of the lateral body shape on clothing selection
  • Advise on dressing the mixed body shape, when they just don’t fit into one neat body shape category
  • Balancing body shape with proportions and variations – which guidelines to follow


By personalising your style guidelines for each client, with what really works for them, rather than giving them a general set of style rules to follow, you will build more loyal and happier clients


Imogen Lamport AICI CIP is the 2019 AICI Jane Segerstrom Award winner and writes the globally acclaimed style blog Inside Out Style ( She loves knows that anyone can be stylish with the right tools and information and loves sharing her knowledge with her readers and also with aspiring image consultants through her comprehensive colour and style training courses at the Academy of Professional Image (


Technical Requirements:

In order to view the MP4 file upon donwload users must have a movie viewer installed on their device. 

Each order is tracked via email address and cannot be shared, copied, gifted, quoted from or in any other way used in violation of international copyright laws. 

Imogen Lamport Webinar MP4

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