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Download this handy 32 page 100 tip eBook and discover the many ways Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists can easily market a business.


"Having a business of one’s own is never an easy task and the best of us don’t do it alone, in a vacuum. We should rely on our existing network of friends, family and clients to spread the word about us and the work we do. Some of the tips included here encourage you to reach out to these people so they too can help you grow your business even bigger."


"Try to do one thing per day and if you do that for three months you will be on your way to marketing success. Successful marketing also means being focused on who your existing client is (example: the stay at home Mom), what your new target market is (ex.: single tech professionals), where your market is (ex.: local, regional or national) and why you want to market to her/him. Define the who, what, where and how before you begin marketing and your efforts will remain focused for the duration of your businesses existence."




  • Start a group around your interest or image career and invite people to attend interesting events (museum tours, shop for a day etc.).
  • Your self-image matters. Visit a makeup counter to get updates for the season on your look. Then share this experience in your social channels.
  • Join a group in your area and meet people with your similar fashion interests. Network when at the event.
  • Promote your clients image by offering them a custom t-shirt design with their new “made over” look plastered on a tee-shirt. Don’t forget to add your logo and url to the design. Go to to design.


100 Tips for Expanding Your Fashion, Style or Image Business eBook

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