Pack an Extra Suitcase and Pay it Forward

If you’re one of the lucky ones coming to our Education Conference on February 6-8, you may already be thinking about what outfits you want to put together (who are we kidding – of course you are!) This is one time where making do with a carry-on isn’t all that important. In fact, we recommend you pack an extra suitcase and help a worthy cause at the same time.

wardrobe for oppor logo

Some criteria when selecting items for donation are:

  1. Does your item help to set someone up for success on the interview or for a job?

  2. Can this item be worn by another person right away?

  3. Will someone feel more confident when wearing this?

wfo pic 1

Belts…briefcases…cuff links…earrings…necklaces…

pins…purses…scarves…shoes…tie clips…

ties…unopened hosiery and socks…watches