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October 2020 Image Perspective

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Letter from the Editor

-- Viola Meng

Hello image professionals and welcome to the October issue of the Image Perspective! I’m writing this on the first day of October and the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion week is at its best in Paris. Despite the inconvenience from quarantine, the runway is filled with excitement and coming up with creative presentations.

I’m enchanted to see how the established are evolving and the up-and-coming are challenging the existing order. The fashion world is changing, breaking itself into pieces, and reforming into something new. As uncertain and versatile the market and economy may be, the ability of learning, adapting, and improving will always be the strongest back up for the successful brands. It’s the same for every one of us image professionals. The utmost quality we should develop in order to ride the tide is the knowledge and strength in ourselves. For that, the Educational Conference organizing committee has catered the talks and webinars to update our community with the latest skills and expertise. The detailed schedule and course outline is out, the registration is open - plus, one session is CEU approved! I encourage you to not miss the great chance for education and improvement...

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