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Moneymaking Secrets to Thrive in the New Decade

Join us in a one hour webinar hosted by Penny Raisor, VP Programs to learn from Sarah Hathorn, CEO, Hathorn Group. Sarah joins us for the second year in a row and her webinars are always very popular.


In the decade ahead, we can expect new shifts in the image consulting and coaching industry. Competition will tighten as more people become image consultants and solo-practioners. If you’re a solo-consultant offering professional image consulting services around the ABCD’s of Image, you’ll want to attend this session with Sarah Hathorn. You’ll learn the strategic secrets she’s used to build a thriving image business and become one of the highest paid consultants in the industry. The principles she’s sharing have not only worked in her corporate and private coaching practice, they’ve worked for hundreds of clients as well. By simply enrolling in this special session, you’ll learn how to position yourself ahead of the competition as you build a resilient, rock-solid practice.

Participants will learn to:

• Fully leverage new coaching trends and shifts in the economy to become industry leaders in the coming decade.

• Embrace shifts in their mindset that will lay the foundation for a successful multi-six-figure practice.

• Think both bigger and more strategically to rapidly increase their business-building

Sarah Hathorn, CEO of Hathorn Consulting Group, is the expert in working with leaders and companies to create successful corporate DNA. Over the past 30+ years she has developed her own unique Creating Successful Corporate DNA™ approach. As an executive coach, consultant, and speaker/presenter she collaborates globally with Fortune 500 clients.

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