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“Fashioning Your Personal Brand” – the Inside Scoop

Susan Schwartz

In addition to learning about four powerful positioning possibilities which will help you carve your niche, you’ll learn how to find time to market your business when it takes all the time, energy and focus you have to run it. (There’s sort of a trick to it.) You’ll see how to put it all together so you can create a brand that allows you to be seen, heard and understood.  By the end of the seminar, you’ll be on your way to developing…

  1. Clarity to explain what you do

  2. Confidence to convey emotional connection

  3. Consistency throughout your marketing

  4. Command  to draw people’s attention

Sounds like we’ll have to get in there a do a little work, but it’s all about walking out with our heads full of information that we can use right now, isn’t it?  If you haven’t registered, take advantage of our early-bird rates before the deadline of January 16.  Don’t forget to reserve your room at the Westin San Francisco Airport (650-692-3500) to get our special rate of $145!

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