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August 2020 Chapter News

President's Message

-- Karen K. Bannister, CIC

Welcome to August 2020. Anyone else feeling sluggish? I’ll admit it. I do. I long to take a trip, to shut out the world for a while, turn off social media, lay by the pool, soak in the sun (well, indirectly, anyway), and take long walks to see the sights. But I must admit I’ve become pretty skilled at stay-cations. Start the day in the kitchen, move to the office, then escape to the living room for the evening. I’d like to say that I escape to the patio, but I’m not quite acclimated to the humidity here in Tennessee. Maybe next summer.

What I also have come to realize this year is that life can move too fast, and it’s easier than we think to slow down and truly see all that is around us. The beauty of the world, the friendships, the smells and sounds of our children playing and giggling, and simply allowing myself to be in the “now,” to be present, to stop focusing so much on the future - because it’s completely out of our control.

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