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Founder, Lane Image Consulting and Business Coach to Image Consultants & Personal Stylists


It’s Aileen's mission to help image consultants take their image business online, get more clients and to be financially independent. She is passionate about this because she has experienced how liberating and fulfilling it is to work as as a colour and style consultant from anywhere in the world. She is on a mission to help others overcome their fears and give them the tools to make this a reality.

Presentation: "How to Skyrocket Your Image Business into the Future with Online Colour Analysis"

Summary: How to conduct online colour analysis so that you can work location free and the world becomes your client base.


Managing Director, Colour Me Beautiful, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East


Cliff Bashforth’s career in the image industry spans over 30 years. In 1991 after just two years in the industry Cliff became the top consultant for Europe’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful.

He has built up a personal client base of over 20,000 individuals, including senior company directors, TV presenters and politicians whom he has styled and coached to achieve their professional and personal goals. In 2007 he became the first male image consultant in Europe to achieve ‘Master Status’ within the Federation of Image Professionals International; in 2008 he was awarded their highest accolade ‘Most Inspirational Consultant’.

Cliff purchased the Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics brand ltd. in June 2015 and the remainder of the company in June 2016. He now directs a network of almost 2000 self-employed consultants and stylists throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Presentation: "21st Century Consulting"

Summary: Give your clients the best virtual seat in the house! Build instant rapport with your client(s). Exceed their expectations and guarantee future business.


Founder, Looking Good YAYA, and Brand Strategy Consultant


Daniella Platt is the founder of Looking Good, YAYA, 'You As You Are,' a brand strategy consultancy which specializes in PPP: people, products and endless possibilities. She is known for her honesty, high-vibe energy, and ideation. 


Daniella spent 20 years as top producer at fashion magazines and ad agencies, including the California Apparel News publication, BBDO, BlueCherry CGS, and is a Fashion Mannuscript editor. She's crafted 100's of campaigns for brands that fill your life like Visa and Hugo Boss, and stretch like LYCRA, earning a respected place in the industry.

Cheerleader to all, Daniella Platt is a concept to market strategist who inspires people to take an idea from the kitchen table to the world. Hearing many creatives struggle with opening doors to sales, she also teaches how to sell, have a positive experience, create relationships and conquer greatness with her Ten Commandment system.

She debuted the #1 best-selling book, Looking Good: Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar & Fashion Startup Playbook unboxing 20 years of expertise to guide professionals and people to better themselves.

Presentation: "Becoming a Sales Rockstar"

Summary: Having built brands for more than two decades, I learned that emerging struggled with opening doors and creating offers, to lead to sales success -- profitability. You will learn how to open doors, stand out, scripts to sell, and ways to position offers -- in a virtual world.

Marcia - pic.jpg

Co-founder of Crivorot Scigliano and NY Fashion Tour


The appreciation of personal style as a strong communication power is what fascinates this Brazilian who lives in New York. The unlimited cultural and artistic options in the city are the inspiration for her work. 

Multiculturalism also comes from her life story: Marcia lived in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Singapore. Abroad, she took the opportunity to get to know and try new ideas, mainly linked to the arts. It sharpened her aesthetic sense that landed in the fashion world, which was actually an old passion.

She studied in Brazil and is an Image Consultant certified at FIT in New York. She works with women of all nationalities living in the US and abroad, even at a distance, and also helps tourists to make good purchases in a few hours in NYC. 

She gives Personal Shopping courses and is a Co-founder of Crivorot Scigliano and NY Fashion Tour, an educational program for Portuguese speakers during NY Fashion Week.

Marcia is recognized for the sophistication, joy and energy with which she develops her work as a Fashion Strategist of Style and Image.

Presentation: "Integrating Online Shopping into Image Consulting Services"

Summary: Online personal shopping can be as efficient as in-person, especially during the times we are living now. It can also be customized to our client's needs.


Website Designer


Pauline Wiles is a website designer who helps solo entrepreneurs create an online home they’ll love. She coaches her clients towards websites that are low on clutter and high on impact...and she enjoys dispelling the myths around how difficult a web project should be.

She designed and built her first website back in 2000. Since then, she's watched with curiosity and excitement as the technology for getting online has become more straightforward and more affordable. However, not everyone has the skills to create a first-rate website, and that’s where she comes in.

British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to an occasional yearning for afternoon tea and historic houses.

Presentation: "Elevate Your Website" - approved by AICI Global for 0.1 CEU!

Summary: Whether you're making or updating your online home, find out how a polished and persuasive website is within your reach. Learn how to combine beautiful design and succinct messaging, to convince your ideal client to take the next step.

By the end of the session you will be able to:
•    Outline why a simplified website is better for both clients and the consultant, and how to achieve it.
•    Use 6 graphic design techniques to create a professional and attractive website.
•    Write website copy (wording) which encourages potential clients to take the next step.
•    Make decisions to maximize value from a website budget: where to save and where to spend.


Attendance of the entire session and participation in the session (via chat and/or Q&A) are required to earn CEU credit. Evaluations will be sent to all attendees following the completion of the conference or download here.


Founder & President, ImageDesign LLC

Sharon Kornstein AICI, CIP, is a certified image professional, and founder of ImageDesign LLC. She is a business wardrobe strategist, and helps individuals and companies navigate the confusing world of business dress. Sharon holds an undergraduate degree in business from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and attended Fashion Institute of Technology.


Sharon is a frequent speaker on visual image in the workplace, and in addition helps her clients find their personal and professional style. Sharon provides training in the areas of business dress, international business etiquette, non-verbal communication and financial literacy for fashion professionals.

Sharon received the designation of Certified Image Professional through the Association of Image Consultants (AICI). She is past-president of the NY Chapter of AICI, a founding board member of the Wharton Club of NJ, member of Morris County Chamber of Commerce, and member of the American Business Association.


Presentation: "Creating Your Image Consulting Business: The Fundamentals"

Summary: Learn how to start your image consulting business the right way, using these fundamental legal and financial guidelines. We will cover paying yourself, legal, entities, income streams and marketing. A must for those just beginning their own firm.


Trends and Fashion Business Consultant

Silvia Scigliano, AICI CIC, is a distinguished Brazilian Trends and Fashion Business Consultant and has been a Certified Image Consultant since 2008.


Her extensive experience in the retail and wholesale clothing sector in New York and São Paulo has led her to create courses, workshops, and lectures for companies and professionals in the industry, such as the NY Fashion Tour, Coolhunting, Trends Workshops, and Image Consulting advanced trainings.


Silvia has a BA in Business Administration, is a Certified Image Consultant by Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) among other courses. She also has been part of the Brazilian AICI Board since 2016, becoming the current AICI Brazil President.

Presentation: "The Importance of the Sustainability for Image Consultants"

Summary: What is sustainability in fashion? Why Image Consulting is a profession that helps people to be more sustainable? Learn the most important sustainable fashion brands.


Founder, Glamhive


Every day, we all get dressed and, whether we are aware of it or not, our clothes serve as our self-expression and our armor. What we wear communicates something about ourselves to ourselves and to everyone we meet.

Having had the entrepreneurial mindset for her entire career - going from business meetings to creative brainstorm sessions to non-stop travel - Stephanie knows firsthand how having the right look can elevate confidence and make a person feel their absolute best, equipped to harness their power and potential properly.

Starting Glamhive was a culmination of her personal experience with style and her own “ah-ha!” on how making the skill and service of styling available to more people can truly make a difference in so many people’s lives. Having great style is not something someone has to be born with and working with a personal stylist is not something that should be reserved just for the rich and famous, nor should it be only for the red carpet occasions in one’s life.

Creating a distinctive style and building an effortless wardrobe for people is key in helping them live their best lives and to put their best foot forward.

Glamhive does this for people at any and every level, giving them the knowledge, tools, and personal attention we all need to look and feel our best each day. This is what inspires our entire Glamhive team - and Stephanie.


Presentation topic: Entrepreneurship and Virtual Styling

Summary: This topic is being developed and designed specifically for AICI WEST! We are so excited to have Stephanie, and more details will be shared once they are finalized.

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