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With ever-changing rules for airline baggage, it has become more important than ever to put together a versatile travel wardrobe and know how to pack it in one carry-on piece of luggage. Most people do everything they can to avoid checking luggage. Yes, those overhead bins get crowded, but arriving with the knowledge that your bag is definitely arriving when you do is worth a certain degree of weight-lifting.  


In this digital download, you will learn how to choose a travel wardrobe that will prepare you with something appropriate to wear for most every situation and how to fit it all into your carry-on so that you never have to check another bag again.


Julie offers many tips on how to pack that carry on successfully and includes details on outfits and accessories to add to create a dynamic travel wardrobe full of items that can be mixed and matched.


This article is a super resource tip sheet for your clients.


Julie Kaufman grew up surrounded by the excitement of a fashion-centered household. The daughter of a clothing-designer father and a fashion model mother, Julie has always enjoyed shopping. After spending more than 20 years in advertising and market research, supported by a master’s degree in psychology and an MBA from Stanford, Julie decided to launch a consulting practice to help people look their best and have fun doing it. She finds it rewarding to help others experience the excitement of finding just the right clothes.


Find Julie at her website:

The Perfect Pack - Dressing Well From a Carry On

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