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Optimal Prints for Client Wardrobes

With Nancy Nix-Rice, AICI CIP


Shopping for print garments can be like Saturday night in a singles bar -- lots of attractive choices, but very few you (or your client) should actually take home.


A great print can be the inspiration piece for a coordinated – and flattering – capsule wardrobe. The wrong one can create visual chaos and overwhelm the wearer. Nancy’s “points of connection” concept will teach you how to steer each client toward only those prints that showcase her unique personal characteristics – color temperature, value, intensity and contrast, body scale, facial structure, fashion personality, textural elements and more. A 10-point checklist guarantees she’ll wear only RIGHT prints, rather than letting wrong prints wear HER .



Nancy Nix-Rice literally wrote the book on wardrobe development for real women. Her book – LOOKING GOOD Every Day – is used to train new image consultants around the globe, including at the prestigious FIT in New York, as well as being enjoyed by countless regular women like our clients. In her 30-year career she has taught countless women what they didn’t even know they didn’t know about dressing effectively. So, no matter their age, weight or budget -- they never again have to struggle with a “closet full of nothing to wear.”

A former international board member, Nancy returned to AICI in 2019 after a lengthy absence and has reinstated her CIP status. She serves as VP Education for the Chicago/Midwest chapter - pivoting their 2-day Spring Education Conference to a virtual event - AICI's first - and was named Chapter Member of the Year.


Technical Requirements:

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Optimal Prints for Client Wardrobes Recorded Webinar with NancyNix-Rice

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