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Wine, Women and…Shopping!

st.helena Oct 13 full group

It couldn’t help but be a great combination when you put your fellow image consultants together with a (little) bit of wine and a lot of shopping!  Our excursion into St. Helena this past Tuesday was a day filled with the pleasures of strolling beautiful downtown St. Helena, lunching at Cindy’s Backstreet Restaurant, and discovering hidden treasures in the many unique boutiques.  We even got little goodie bags (courtesy of Marjory DeRoeck and Carolyn Woodworth- thanks ladies!)

This fun-filled day was one with no agenda, although the talk inevitably turned to our profession and the sharing of tips on how to better serve our clients.  This members-only event was definitely a hit – one of our members, Bernie Burson, came in all the way from Oregon to hang out with her fellow Chapter members!

st.helena Oct 13 goodie bag
st.helena Oct 13 menu
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