Solutions & Shortcuts: Professional Resource Swap

It’s back….but under a new name!  What is this, you’re asking? It’s the opportunity to share ideas and resources and get your questions answered with your image consultant colleagues.  And it’s so easy, because it’s done on the phone, so all you have to do is dial in.

SOLUTIONS & SHORTCUTS: PROFESSIONAL RESOURCE SWAP Monday, September 29 9:30-10:45 a.m. PST Register HERE!

Brenda Kinsel

If you haven’t participated in this program yet, here’s all you need to know about how it works.  First of all, it’s facilitated by our very own Chapter member, Brenda Kinsel AICI CIP, who’s an expert at working in this format. If you haven’t participated in a teleconference with Brenda yet, you’re in for a treat. She’s an expert at bringing out the best in everyone. What else do you need to know?  Please read on…

1. How exactly does this work?  First you need to register. A registration link will be sent out in emails starting a few weeks prior to each call, so be sure to open and read the emails you receive from the Chapter. (You can also check our Events Calendar page on a regular basis to make note of when future calls are scheduled; in general, they will be scheduled ever other month.) We need you to register for the event so we know how many people will be on the call.

2. What happens then? About a week before the call, you’ll be asked to email your thoughts and input on the three topics for the call.  These comments will be compiled into one document and sent out to all participants in an email a day or so before the call. You’ll be given a conference call number to call on the scheduled day and time.

3. Who picks the topics for the call? The topics are usually derived from the participants in prior calls.  As everyone begins to share and talk about what’s going on in their business lives, there are always topics that spur more questions and interest.  Brenda compiles these ideas and uses them as topics for future calls.  In addition, we regularly ask the membership for their ideas on subjects they’d like to see us cover. We also pull topics that the membership asks for in our annual survey.

4. What if I don’t have input for every topic?  That’s totally okay! Usually everyone has input on at least one of the topics that they can share, but you don’t necessarily have to have