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Skin Isn't Neutral Webinar

Darin Wright, Image and Color Consultant and the Creator of Personal Color Analysis system - ebhues™ will be presenting a one-hour webinar with members and non-members at no charge!

Early in her makeup artistry career, Darin learned the difference the right color could make. The twinkle of the eyes, the glow of the skin, a freshness to the face, enhanced sophistication or flirty playfulness was her reward. She had created visual confidence in minutes, the WOW THAT'S ME?! effect.  And, in this webinar, you’ll learn a way to see and embrace the full spectrum of color innate to you!

Darin Wright is a licensed aesthetician and make up artist with over 35 years of experience. In 1997 Darin started her custom makeup line. She named it after her twin daughters; Elea and Blake. elea blake cosmetics™ was born out of the need to create a makeup line that was representational of the diversity of humanity, something her daughters could feel good in. Visit her website by clicking this link.

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