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“Putting the ‘I’ Into Image” – the Inside Scoop

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Would you like a new tool in your image consulting toolbox this year?  We’ve got just the thing for you! Sue Donnelly will be sharing a new concept with us at our upcoming Education Conference in February.  We won’t give it all away, but here are a few things Sue shared with us about her presentation on “Putting the ‘I’ Into Image – Using Influence, Imagination, Inspiration, and Innovation to Dress the Needs of your Clients”.

Why did you write the particular workshop? What’s different about it?

There are a number of reasons:

  1. Like every other industry, image consultancy has to move with the times. It needs to evolve if it wants to remain a sought after profession. Having spoken to both clients and consultants, it seemed that our usual analytical way of working wasn’t always getting the results that we hoped for. Sometimes, there is a requirement to step out of comfort zones and do something in a different way.

  2. Following on from this, Daniel Pink (A Whole New Mind) wrote about a radical change in the way successful corporations are conducting their business. They are moving from the linear and logical to a more heart felt, emotional, story telling way of working. I figured if it was good enough for huge corporations, it was good enough for smaller businesses like ours.

  3. Every client is different but they all want the same thing – an answer to their problem(s). If we are to be the best we can be, it makes sense to equip our image toolbox with as many assorted implements, techniques and exercises as we can. That way we can pick and mix to provide a truly tailored service, rather than use a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Does this mean we break away from the ‘traditional’ styist/consultant training concepts, vis a vis body shape, color and texture, etc.?

Absolutely, categorically NOT.  What you learn on the workshop will ADD to your image skills, not replace them. Our basic, traditional, fundamental training is the lynch pin, the key, the foundation to everything we do. Without that, we are just playing a guessing game with our clients.

How do we translate these qualities as individual consultants, to differentiate ourselves?

The answer will make itself clear when you attend the workshop. I don’t want to spoil the surprise elements involved by saying any more at this point. Some of you will gravitate towards it more than others, that is the nature of work with a creative slant. All I can say, in a bid to pique your interest, is that the feedback (international) has been superb, exceptionally so, which underlines the importance of finding new ways to do what we do to further increase and enhance our abilities.

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