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Meet Your Board Secretary: Melissa Fink, AICI FLC

Melissa Fink, AICI FLC

Melissa Fink, AICI FLC

Melissa Fink is entering her second year on the Board and as Secretary. From a very young age, Melissa has had a passion for fashion and style. Working as a Flight Attendant for over twenty years has allowed her the privilege to travel the world. She has experienced interaction and communication with diverse cultures, individuals of all ages, social backgrounds, educational levels, ethnicities and various work groups. Blending her passion for image and style with communication skills, she founded Image With An Edge, an Image Consulting Firm in 2007.

What you might not know about Melissa:

Melissa is a passionate seamstress, a craft she learned from her mother, and enjoys spending hours creating and sewing in her sewing room. Outdoors, she enjoys playing tennis and is not embarrassed to admit that she dresses better than she plays!

How to contact Melissa:

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