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Meet Your 2014-15 VP Membership: Mariann Layne

Mariann Layne

Mariann Layne

Mariann Layne, owner of Mariann Layne Image and Fashion Consulting, is passionate about helping people find their unique style as well as understanding how to dress so that they feel happy inside and ultimately radiate this beauty on the outside.  She believes that feeling good about yourself is a key ingredient to being happy in life.  She specializes in style assessments, closet audits, outfit creation, and personal shopping.

She is a certified Universal Style Consultant and has studied with some of the foremost experts in the field of image consulting.  She is also a Carlisle Consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Napa Valley.

What You Might Not Know About Mariann:

Mariann’s first career was as a Speech Pathologist and she holds an Master’s Degree in that field.  She then changed careers and spent 25 years working in corporate America as the senior staff member of corporate and marketing communications.  She holds an MBA in marketing. Mariann loves to travel and last November spent two weeks in Italy during which time she and her husband went truffle hunting and enjoyed the cuisine that incorporates truffles and mushrooms which are two specialties of that season.

How to Contact Mariann:

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