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July Chapter News

President's Message

-- Karen K. Bannister, CIC

Hello and welcome to the second half of 2020. Here in the northern hemisphere we’re in the heat of summer, and we’re enjoying our backyard pools, BBQ’s,and time with friends (where permitted, of course!). It has been an unprecedented start to a new decade, and everyone has been compelled to operate at a new level of flexibility, adaptability, and creativity. As an association and a chapter, July is the start of our new year, and we are anticipating one of growth and success.

First, I want to let you know that our October educational conference is really starting to take shape. The theme will be announced soon (and I think you’re going to love it!), and speakers are being interviewed, all in an effort to bring you the education and value you desire. I’d like to personally thank the Planning Committee for both the time they have already committed, and the work that is ahead: Brenda Liz Ginés CIC, Cindy Malone CIC, Jill Stewart CIC, Sahra Brandt, Vanessa Kapinski CIC, and Viola Meng. It really does take a talented team, and this is one of the best I’ve ever encountered. Next, with everything going on in the world, and changes that happen on an almost daily basis, I wish for everyone this summer the time and opportunity to recharge. To refocus. To reprioritize. And take some time for yourself. I know, I know, many others are telling you to get busy and create something new…but I’m here to tell you and give permission (not that you need it from me) to just rest. Rest your body. Rest your mind. And breathe. Pay attention to what really matters in life. Build and nurture relationships, both personal and professional. Focus inward and learn new things about yourself. Read those magazines and books you have stacked in the corner (don’t lie, I know you have them!). Watch fun movies. Go for luxurious walks. Plant a new garden. Make art. Then, if you do decide that you want to work on your professional development, consider writing and submitting an article for our “Image Perspective” e-zine and add “published writer” to your resume (submit to Share creative ideas and information you have with the chapter on our social media posts (submit to And finally, thank you for being here, and continuing to be part of a community that brings beauty and joy to others. Your work so greatly and positively affects others, and the love and light you share with the world will have long-lasting effects for many. And take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Karen

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