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January 2021 Image Perspective

Letter from the Editor

-- Viola Meng

Out with the old, in with the new. So, finally the page of 2020 has turned, and here we are! Welcome to the very first issue of Image Perspective of the new year. My greetings to you, image professionals: I wish you a bright and joyful year of 2021! On New Year’s Eve, looking back, I realized that I actually have to say “thank you” to year 2020. Why?

Because in that year, the experience was so unusual that I’ve explored a new way to work, adapted to a new lifestyle, and made new friends. My views and understanding on life, on career, on relationships, and on myself have been uniquely enriched. Life has been tough, but hey, we all have survived and grown. How will 2021 be? Only time knows. But with the strength that’s been developed from 2020, I know I will embrace future endeavors, and I know, eventually, all the anxiety, doubt, loneliness, toss and turning, will turn out to be gifts wrapped in disguise. A long year like a new and untouched book has opened to us, read it with excitement!

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