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It’s Official – Blondes Don’t Have More Fun!

If you’ve ever bought into the phrase that “blondes have more fun”, you can set that aside. At least according to a recent survey by More magazine, it’s the silver- and red-headed women who are most satisfied with their hair (50% and 31% respectively) Blondes come in third at 30%.  When asked why they weren’t so happy with their blond tresses, 63% said it wasn’t their natural color and 68% said they’d been maintaining the color since their teens or twenties. Maybe they’re just exhausted with all the upkeep!

Regardless of the color, if you’d like to learn more about what’s going on with your hair, as well as what’s new in the hair product arena, look no further. Our Chapter Installation is being held at the hip Festoon Salon in San Francisco, and owner Melissa Ryan will be on hand with one of her senior stylists to answer questions and give us the low-down on the latest hair and product trends.

Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan

We’ll have time for socializing, snacking, sipping champagne, and sharing in the fun of installing our new Board of Directors, as well as ‘talking hair’.  Bring your most pressing hair questions and we’ll get some answers from the experts.  The cost is only $45, and that includes a goodie bag provided by Festoon Salon (but space is limited so register soon.)

The same survey in More found that 29% of us change our style or color about once a year.  Hmmm – could make for an interesting evening!

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