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Go Green with Your Colleagues

We know that ‘green’ fashion is a hot topic these days. Fast fashion is under fire, and certainly we, as image professionals, are dealing with the effects of the ‘oversupplied’ closet on a regular basis. Since one of the solutions we encourage for our clients is disposing of those items that no longer serve them well, we’re especially looking forward to the upcoming program at our Installation event on June 23.

Go Green with Style Reuse, Reinvent & Redesign Your Wardrobe

Bloomingdale’s San Francisco $45 members/$55 non-members 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Madison Jo McClintock, CEO of MJM Artwear, will show us her “reawesomization” process – turning what might have been a discarded or ‘unusable’ item into something fresh and revitalized. AND…attendees will be asked to bring an item they would to get “reawesomized” and hear first-hand how Madison would do it.

MJM Artwear is a culmination of everything Madison has learned not only about art but also about life and the world. By taking all of her creative talent and passion and applying it to reusing and recycling items, she developed MJM Artwear. MJM Artwear is more than a clothing line and more than a clothing brand…it is a new way to see beauty in all things. That nothing is trash and that everything can grow and be made into something more extraordinary than it was before. MJM Artwear includes custom silkscreened clothing of all kinds for women and men, custom hand painted shoes, hats, bags and soon, accessories.

Bring a friend or two (along with your items that need some re-awesomization) and enjoy an evening of food, wine and education on how you can go green with style. We’ll also install our fabulous 2015 Board of Directors when we’re through playing with fashion.

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