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Fashion Interns Loved Education Conference

2013 Interns

“A Shotgun of Information”

“The Conference was a shotgun of information in a short period of time and I had to take time to sort out the experience.  What I enjoyed most was each and every single bit of information that was presented by each speaker, from the acknowledgement of different cultures, to manners and etiquette and how to make any color look great. I had such a great time, and I will be looking forward to future events or conferences to attend again!  Anna Lam

“Conquer the World and Forget My Fear”

“My experience at AICI Conference was impressive for three reasons: friendly environment, networking, and knowledge.  Everyone, including the speakers, was very kind, helpful and friendly. I met people and got to connect with different cultures and to be exposed to what is going on in real life in this business. I enhanced my knowledge and feel ready to conquer the world and forget my fear. This conference helps me to take the first step to continue with my dreams.” Juli Lopez

“Learning from Experts in the Industry”

“What I enjoyed the most about AICI Conference was the cultural impact it had on me and learning from experts in the industry from around the world. I am even more motivated now because we can take all these tips from the Conference, such as etiquette. I truly believe having great etiquette will definitely leave a great first impression on people you work with in the industry. I had an amazing time at the conference meeting everyone.”  Sophia Wu

“Be Around People Who Have Been Through the Stage That I’m In”

“When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by the all smiling faces on the “veteran” ladies.  Being a rookie was a little intimidating, but I was quickly welcomed with open arms. I felt surrounded by so much knowledge, it was nice to get out of the classroom and be around people who have been through the stage that I’m in. Hearing how motivated and entrepreneurial everyone is was very inspiring.  It was nice to have people there who didn’t mind me picking their brain with questions about career paths and life in general.”  Janie Atkinson

“Gained Priceless Skills and Knowledge”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in seminars that touched on subjects from understanding cultural differences, etiquette, fashion, style, and make-up led by pleasant and knowledgeable professionals. During this weekend, through the workshops or just simple conversation, I feel as though I gained priceless skills and knowledge to benefit myself as a fashion & image professional.”  Brooklyn Renee Payton

We look forward to hearing and seeing more from these talented young women as they move forward in their careers in fashion.

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