Fascinators and Tea – a Festive Combination!

Neiman Marcus tree with Union Square tree in the background

There’s nothing like starting off the holiday season with tea with your colleagues.  And when you throw in festive fascinators and hats, a fashion-related ornament exchange, and of course, socializing and sharing ideas, you’ve got a hit.

When we gathered at the lovely Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, on Tuesday, it was fun to listen to all the ooh’s and aah’s about our toppers.  We enjoyed a great selection of teas, combined with finger sandwiches and mini-desserts.  Tea was followed by a drawing of numbers for the ornament exchange, where each person could either pick an unwrapped ornament or steal an already unwrapped one from one of their colleagues.  Needless to say, there were a few sighs and sad faces when ornaments were ‘stolen’ away!  But in the end, there was nothing but happy faces.

Carolyn Rovner steals from Carrie LaShell

To wrap up the day, we voted and gave prizes for our fascinators/hats: Most Festive, Most Original, and Best with Outfit, as well as awarding a prize to the person who brought the best ornament of the day.  Of course, there were no losers because we had such fun together – and even when the event is ‘strictly social’ , we always learn from each other and leave feeling revitalized. Thanks to everyone who came to this event, and if you missed it this year, maybe you’ll want to think about planning a holiday shopping trip to the City next year (and of course, start looking for that special fascinator or hat to take a prize!)

Barbara Bisel and Elena Daciuk tied for Best Ornament. Barbara’s was a red leopard print purse and Elena’s,  a mirror with rhinestones, both totally adorable!

Mariann Layne and Elena Daciuk tied for Best Topper with Outfit

Maureen French wins Most Creative

Carolyn Woodworth’s topper won Most Festive

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