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Celebrating International Image Consultants Day


Why do 944 Image Consultants, in 53 countries feel so passionate about November 23rd?

They are now listed with 12,500 other entries from 196 countries, covering 365 days. This year November 23rd marks the second annual Image Consultants Day. A day when appearance, behavior and communication is celebrated globally.

Clare Maxfield, VP of Marketing for AICI Global shares that “Image is more than just lipstick and hemlines”. “We stand by the values on our proclamation to support our members to honor, recognize and propel the Image Industry in the world as a viable field of business professionals, extolling those whom excel in the science and acumen of image.”

Or in other words, “we are the people who get to know who you are and make you look and feel amazing” using not just fashion, but support it with science, art and education.

Cindy Ann Peterson, an Image Consultant from Virginia was instrumental in getting this event into Chase’s Calendar of Events to allow the members globally to celebrate their achievements both singly and as a group. Chase’s calendar has been the world’s date book since 1957.

Celebrations for the day cover the globe and the month of November. Last year members from the Philippines chapter held a soup kitchen serving those in need after a typhoon, instead of a gala party. Mexico City Chapter held events each day throughout the month of November, to include philanthropy, parades and workshops.

We want to give back to our communities by sharing our image skills, celebrate our image profession by recognizing this in an annual global celebration and raise awareness about the many fields in we cover.

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