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Authentic Beauty unCompromised


AICI International officially launched The Authentic Beauty unCompromised Campaign on National Image Consultants Day, November 23, 2015.  The purpose of the AICI Authentic Beauty unCompromised initiative is to use our global influence to promote projects, products, and messages that reflect that every person – no matter shape, size, sex, creed, or color – is beautiful in their own unique way!

As image professionals we are the ones who actually work with real people on a daily basis, who stand in front of a mirror with a women who has lost her confidence because of what she sees in the reflection, or the teenager who sees something ugly, or the gentleman who has lost his self-esteem because media has convinced them all that their reflection is not one of beauty. It is us image professionals who pick up the pieces, take them by the hand and lead them to see themselves differently. This combination – our expertise in understanding body shapes and proportions, identifying style personalities and our ability to combine all of this with every clients unique lifestyle – makes us experts in the field of Authentic Beauty unCompromised!

Let’s get a conversation going and spread this very important and timely message. What does Authentic Beauty unCompromised mean to you?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Is there a quote, poem, or photo that you feel depicts this message? Is there someone in your life a friend, family member, or client that radiates Authentic Beauty unCompromised?

Here are just a couple recent examples of this message already happening in the media:

*December 1st, The Today Show aired the new look of the tire company Pirelli’s annual calendar. This year the calendar was created by Annie Leibovitz featuring women noted for their accomplishments rather than their bodies. Pirelli calendars have been known for featuring scantily clad models. Click here to see it.

*December 9th, The Today Show aired a segment discussing the renaming of the “Plus Size” model to “Curvy.”  Click here to see it.

What have you seen or heard in your life or in the media?  Please share with all of us on our Facebook page!  Let’s kick our Authentic Beauty unCompromised Campaign into gear!

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