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2020: The Year of Sustainable Style

Start your year off by learning more about sustainable styling with Lauren Engelke "The Sustainable Stylist." Lauren is a micro-influencer on Instagram (more than 10

K followers) and has been blogging and walking the talk of sustainable styling for years. She will be presenting a low-cost, one hour webinar for AICI WEST in January. This event will only be able to hold 100 people and with her followers joining in there is a great possibility that the webinar will fill fast. Click over to the EVENTS page to sign up now. Just $9.99 gets you the webinar plus a tipsheet PDF from Lauren.

Lauren Engelke has been an agency stylist and tailor since 2014. Through her work, Lauren became aware of the excesses of the fashion industry, and in 2018, while on set with a clean beauty brand, she decided that the world was ready for a sustainability-focused fashion stylist. She began to offer styling with secondhand, vintage, and sustainable clothing for both brands and individuals, and never looked back. Lauren has styled individuals all over the world and has spoken on the topic of sustainable fashion in New York and London. She is also the co-host of The Sustainable Style Podcast. You can find her on Instagram at @lauren.engelke, on her blog at, and on Facebook as Lauren Engelke - Sustainable Stylist.

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